Is Vaping Safer Than Cigarettes

The use of electronic cigarettes or otherwise known as “vaping,” has become a worldwide sensation. A lot of traditional smokers and others who are interested in E-cigarettes have been both curious and cautious in trying the new way of smoking for their daily fix or recreation.

These mixed feelings bring an essential question to light. Is vaping safer than cigarettes?

• Less toxic chemicals

One of the most and wildly used claim of electronic cigarettes is their lack of nicotine. The average user is well aware that nicotine has many side effects chief among them being a carcinogen. What isn’t known to many is that nicotine is but one of the cancer-causing chemicals found from a list of chemicals used by both traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.


So, while electronic cigarettes may have gotten rid of nicotine, it still is far from safe. In fact, a report by CDC indicates that by 2019, there have been almost 200 patients that have been hospitalized for lung damage as a result of vaping.

• Increased users among minors

There is an increase in electronic cigarettes use by the young generation that it is becoming a serious threat. There is aggressive marketing with retail shops such as Smokey News head shop in fort lauderdale across the country openly selling “vapors” to young adults and teenagers.

The result is to increase younger victims since traditional cigarettes are used less compared to electronic cigarettes.

• FDA approval


The FDA had made it clear since 2009 that electronic cigarettes still have a myriad of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Some of the substances are even found in the cigarette’s cartridges like antifreeze, formaldehyde that is higher than the maximum recommended level by EPA for humans. This ends up causing several diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema, inflammation, and heart disease.


Even though electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes due to the lack of tobacco and combustion, they are far from harmless. So, in a way, vaping is safer than cigarettes but still not safe for human consumption.